Guest Feedback

We want to hear from you!
  1. If you are currently staying with us at The Bay or have just stayed with us, please share your feedback with us. If you have not yet stayed with us, please close this dialogue box. We look forward to hearing from you!
  2. 1. The crew at The Bay love providing great service. Were we friendly, helpful and welcoming?
  3. 2. The location of The Bay is pretty special. Did you make the most of it and enjoy it?
  4. 3. Cleanliness is very important to us. How was our housekeeping?
  5. 4. Offering great accommodation and keeping it affordable can be tricky but we attempt it. Was your stay good value?
  6. 5. We are constantly reminded by guests how awesome our lap pool is. How did you find all the facilities here at The Bay?
  7. 6. Considering the service, location, housekeeping, facilities & value did you have a great time at The Bay?
  8. 7. We take pleasure in being able to meet specific requests from return guests as a thank you for their continued support. Would you like to return one day? (If you do don't forget to let us know your preferences.)
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  2. Are you happy for us to contact you to discuss any aspect of this survey with you?